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Open Thai Boxing Classes

Our open Thai Boxing classes are for anyone who wants to attend a more advanced style class. This is a mixed class for teenagers, adults and both male and female participants.

This class is perfect for people who want to get fit, amateur fighters and professional fighters. The format of the class slightly varies from time-to-time, but generally it follows this format:

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  • Warm up
  • Technique work
  • Pad work
  • Sparring (you do not have to attend sparring)



The times for the open Thai Boxing classes are as follows:

  • Tuesday 18:30 - 20:00
  • Thursday 18:30 - 20:00
  • Saturday 11:30 - 12:30



How long does the class last for?
The class is split in two parts:

  • 1 hour of training
  • 1/2 an hour of sparring

Can I come and view the class first?
Of course, you can pop in to watch any of our classes. Watch one of our training highlights by clicking here.

I’m a professional fighter is this class suitable for me?
Yes, this class is suitable for you. We have a large list of active Thai Boxers of all sizes, ages and both male and female.

I don’t want to be fighter, I just want to get fit. Is this class suitable for me?
Yes, you do not have to spar or fight in this class. Sparring takes place after one hour of training, so you can watch the sparring or feel free to make your way home. If you’re fit and want to carry on, feel free to carry on training on our punch bags or with a partner.

I’m an MMA fighter can I join in to practice my stand up?
Yes, we have some MMA fighters who train with us regularly. We strictly only do Thai Boxing, so you’ll only be doing Thai Boxing techniques and sparring.

What equipment do I need?
For the lesson, you’ll need shorts, t-shirt and a towel. If you want to stay and do sparring you’ll need at least a gum shield.

What is the sparring like?
Sparring is light and controlled - there are no egos at Two Brothers Muay Thai. If you’re fighting and you want your partner to increase the intensity this must be a mutual agreement between you and your training partner. If you’re new to Thai Boxing or you do not wish to spar you do not have to spar.

What are the prices?
There are two options

  • Pay as you go: £5 per lesson
  • Monthly: £50 per month (no contract, no direct debt, no attachments)

I’m a beginner, is this class for me?
I recommend that you try out beginner class first.

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